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Rushing Waters

Functional Interior Design

Rushing Waters

Tranquil and welcoming, soft and elegant. This modern kitchen exudes the client’s personality. Dark Rushing Waters – a natural granite and engineered quartz, juxtapose the understated wood cabinetry and engineered oak wide plank floors. Bold choices soften in this balanced design. Shadow and light dance over the transom and lead out the corner window into the nature beyond. The stainless-steel backsplash behind the range gives credence to a serious food lover.

A relaxed kosher kitchen was the most immediate request. Having never designed a kitchen with this in mind – some exploration and collaboration with the client was required. What is a kosher kitchen and the requirements?

In traditional kosher kitchens, meat and dairy must be kept strictly apart. Two sets of pots, utensils, serving dishes and china are to be stored independently, as well as two separate preparation areas are to be provided. Although this client did not adhere to strict kosher regimen (actual separate rooms), they specifically requested assistance to try to respect their traditions from a modern viewpoint.

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To achieve the client’s requests, every inch was accounted for to enlarge the much-needed larger footprint. To gain space, only a common wall with a laundry/mudroom could be moved to steal needed floor area for the main kitchen. Without this, storage, cooking, and preparation requirements would not have been met, much less comfortable movement for two or sometimes more occupants. Dual sinks, dishwashers, and ovens were thoughtfully placed. It was achieved. Contractor, millwright and various trades worked to meet exacting, balanced requirements.

In addition, a place of presence for a much-loved curated coffee machine, and morning prep area were added in a convenient location. A separate eating island (with movable prep cart storage cleverly tucked below) provided a casual gathering area. Adjacent to the kitchen, the mudroom/laundry provided a recycling area, pantry, and additional fridge. Added features included cabinet pullouts and inserts customized for the client’s needs.