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Custom Home Design

West Coast Contemporary Home Design

This 4000 square foot custom designed home, nestled on a peaceful forested property, with water views to Todd Inlet on spectacular Vancouver Island B.C. turned out beautifully both inside and out.

With their carefully considered concepts the owners trusted us to listen to their ideas to bring their dream home a step closer to reality. We developed and fine-tuned the plans until we modelled the design to create a stunning home that fully meets their needs both in aesthetic and function.

Expertly constructed by Upward Elements who executed the build to perfection to make this home truly one of a kind, with the interior millwork flawlessly crafted by Southshore Cabinetry, again proving the team approach is invaluable.

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A focal point to the front façade is the dramatic 2 storey glazed stair tower that planes downward to form the porch roof, while allowing the formal dining room roof to intersect below. These creative details help to make the design become unique and dramatic.

The exterior colour scheme and materials are well balanced and cohesive with the interior details sharp and concise.

Photo credits to Jody Beck Photography.